Hopes For UK Logistics Economic Recovery As A Result Of Budget

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It is claimed that there could be a strong foundation for recovery of the UK’s logistic industry, thanks to measures in the budget, according to Logistics UK.


Alex Veitch, General Manager of Public Policy at Logistics UK, comments: “Funding to train new entrants to the logistics sector is particularly welcome at a time when the industry is suffering significant skills gaps and the loss of EU workers, and a more flexible approach to apprenticeships will also assist the sector in recruiting the next generation of logistics employees. “


There are many positive decisions – including a freeze in fuel duty and extension to the furloughing scheme – However, it can not be forgotten that we need to see greater investment in training programmes to help fill the growing vacancies.    The continuation of the furloughing scheme is welcome news for logistics businesses, as is a helping hand in the effort to maintain the workforce.


As the economy begins to recover from the disastrous effects of COVID-19 upon the industry, many also welcome the announcement of a continuation of fuel duty freeze. Reducing an outgoing can only be a positive benefit for many who are just starting to recover, and for whom an increase could destabilise this steady recovery.


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