24 hour delivery across the UK

Next day delivery is so last year!

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Who wants to wait five to seven days for the delivery of a case of wine or new pair of jeans. Most people don’t even want to wait two days. What consumers really want is for something to be delivered today. Even next day delivery doesn’t quite cut it for some.

Consumers want it all and they are willing to pay extra for it. They want to have the ease of shopping online and the bonus of being able to have it delivered to their door the same day. It’s the reason why companies like Ebay, Oddbins, Footlocker, Google and Amazon, to name just a few, are starting to trial same day delivery services.

They understand that people want to be able to get hold of the things that they buy as soon as they can.  Now just think about how you could really make your customers happy by delivering products to them on the same day.

For most businesses, the cost of setting up the network of drivers, buying and maintaining a fleet of vehicles just isn’t viable, whilst at the same time you want a delivery team that is part of your business.

This is where we can help.

If you want to be able to tap into an reliable extensive delivery network that will be able to pick up parcels within the hour and then deliver anywhere in the UK on the same day.  Then get in contact with MAK Couriers.

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