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5 ways reduce to reduce your delivery costs

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Businesses should always look to reduce costs without impacting on customer service and quality. Here are some tips to help reduce your express delivery costs. 1: Consider other postal options than just a same day delivery service. Does the item need to be delivered on the same day? How much did the item cost? If you’ve just sold an item on ebay for £40, it doesn’t make sense to then payout £30 for delivery costs for same day delivery, if you can wait a few days for it. 2: Make …

A Courier for Valentines Day

Who’s your pick as a Valentine Day courier

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A poll conducted by a delivery firm to celebrate Valentine’s Day, asked UK’s online consumers who would they most like to deliver their parcels to them. Brad Pitt, the Hollywood star of many cinema blockbusters, including Inglourious and Fight Club was top of the list as the person that most voters wanted to see standing on their doorsteps in courier uniform, delivering their parcel, with 12% of the vote. He only just beat US President, Barack Obama, who came a close second, with third and fourth places taken by the current and …